Why am I writting a blog?

I have avoided the “blogging” as much as I possibly could. When someone would say “blog”, I thought of hipsters talking about the best craft beers, while drinking PBR, or soccer moms talking about wither or not to vaccinate their kids, or the best way to remove stains after sports. And all of those are fine (no, they irritate me, but I digress).

I lost my job. Which I had a long standing 6 year love hate relationship with. We would fight every night and patch it up every morning. Monday through Friday, with an extra date here and there on a Saturday morning. I had become very comfortable in this job. No I became complacent. Get up, go to work, hate everything, come home crawl into my basement and Facebook stalk or play video games, or binge watch Dr Who for hours. I suppose a healthy dose of both. If either have a healthy dose. Jesus I just admitted I stalk my friends. Sorry guys, I have no social life anymore. It’s really a reflection of my love for you…or perhaps hate. I dunno, it was mostly cats. I think that’s worse, looking at cat photos for 6 hours before I too sleeping pills to do it all over again the next day. Oh, Sundays I play Dungeons and Dragons.  …. ok this is looking sad.

I am a nerdy 30 year old girl, I live with my parents, single (duh) and a recovering addict. I am a winner! Oh yea, no job either!

So why am I writing a blog, that where this started right? Right, ok. So a dear friend may or may not have been sick of my bitching about unemployment taking their damn sweet time, being miserable for all the right and wrong reasons. And she simply said, you know you should write a blog. Admittedly I just sorta agreed and then dropped the thought right there. I am not a hipster… But I find myself fueled by anxiety that my sleeping pills are having no effect and its 2:30am. So I said “FUCK IT, I’m gonna be a blogger”.

So this blog will consists of my life from day to day. Trying to occupy my time, not lose myself in crippling depression, anxiety or insomnia, and share my cray with the world. Who knows what kind of crazy, funny, or sad things will come lifting from these pages. I’m an odd nerdy girl looking for something. Maybe in the end I will know what that something is.

So, do you care to join me in my not so epic adventures of job hunting, Dr Who, and 80s industrial music, and movie reviews. Or perhaps what i decided to cook after reading something on Facebook? Com take a strange journey with me…it will be something to do if nothing else.


Kitty >^.^<   Photo Credit:Chiara Bautista  https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=chiara%20bautistafix it


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